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it’s that time of year again

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turning tony stark into an even bigger douchebag must have taken a lot of effort considering hes a grade a asshole


Re-reading GotG to get ready for the movie that I’m going to see in three days now has put me in a Phyla mood.

All-New X-Men: Ororo Munroe/Storm

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This movie is too damn hilarious for its own good.

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Badass Gaming Gals: Isabela

"You see, sweetness, men are only good for one thing. Women are good for six"

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internet use will be sporadic from today until the 29th, or something like that



Just a few hours ago we were given some devastating news. Our Landlord wants us to leave our home on September 5th, despite his knowledge of our financial situation he wishes to go ahead with demolishing and rebuilding an extension to the kitchen.

We’re going to be frantically looking for places in the area around us but the current government has brought a lot of Anti-DSS [anti benefits] sentiment with them, thus a lot of rented places are not only expensive, but state that they won’t allow people on benefits to live there.

We don’t look good on paper, unemployed Mother and Daughter? Own a cat? Need a garden for therapy reasons? On benefits?

We need money to cover the costs of a deposit, moving van, first month’s rent a new place, first month’s utilities.

I will doubtlessly elaborate on this later with more details, but for now I remain in shock.

Please signal boost, please donate, please do whatever you can to help us because all I have in my bank account is £1100 and that is not enough to move two people, animals, and their stuff.



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