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Storm #01

When I was a girl, the sky called me home. Should be interesting to see what calls me next. 

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"i’m a marvel, and i try to con creators out of their rights by forging documentation claiming they signed it away to us."

"i’m a dc, and when creators don’t walk and talk like i want, i fire them and replace them with the nearest fanboy."

"i’m a…


HeroesCon ‘14 - She-Hulk

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please stop praising marvel for achieving the minimal quota of diversity bye


Comic Ladies I Love 16/?:  Rat Queens

"Did you seriously pack candy and drugs for dinner?"

highlight of the hollywood tour: joker and elmo in a suit having a fight while batman just stands there


A lot of people complain about them making an Ant-Man movie before Black Widow, but here are the big problems with the Ant-Man movie:

  • They didn’t make it Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • They didn’t make it about the mentally ill scientist who just wants to stay in his lab and science, and the socialite who decides to become a superhero to avenge her father
  • They made Scott Lang the main character, Hank Pym an old man, and there’s no sign of Jan


Marvel Female Solo Series.